Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 10 - Another Confession . . .

I am not just sugar sensitive . . . I AM SUGAR SENSITIVE with NO self control.  I tell ya NO SELF CONTROL AT ALL.

The last five days have been a serious flow of peaks and valleys.  I know what the lady in the book is trying to tell me . . . everything in moderation.  Unfortunately my personality is having a hard time regrouping to this way of thinking.  If I eat one thing sugar during the day or let my cravings overwhelm me I turn in to a sugar monster.    A couple of nights this week I tried to justify my intake of sugar by justifying the amount of fiber in the blueberry frosted mini wheats!  Really??  I do hope I am not the only one in this great big world who does this. :(  This train of thought might work if I were only eating one serving but I am NOT.  What's worse is that when I am in these sugar crazed states of mind I am afraid that if you were to try to take my food away I might just bite your hand.  I think they need to show more of this on the Biggest Loser and then show exactly how they redirect the contestants.  Cause I need some serious REDIRECTION!

Learning to eat foods without sugar is truly a challenge for me.  However, I must say that paying attention to sugar content has been VERY enlightening for me.  One of the meals they encourage you to eat for breakfast is cottage cheese (preferably low or no fat) with fresh fruit.  Since I like cottage cheese and love fruit this is not a challenge BUT did you know that once I consume this I have had 8 grams of sugar.  Yep!  The cottage cheese has 4 grams in a 1/2 cup serving and a half cup of slice strawberries has 4.  Wow!  My goal for each day is 20 grams or less of sugar and it must come from natural sources versus added.

I also tried going back to my sugar free creamer this past week and I truly believe that was the beginning of my down fall.  It may be "sugar free" but it still has some sort of sugar alcohol which unfortunately feeds my sugar monster.  I am back to black coffee this week and will be using a bit of unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  It's funny looking back over the last two years of my eating habits.  When I started having reflux so bad and I realized that milk/milk products were a big part of the problem I was able to take milk out of my diet very easily.  I'm guessing I need to turn this sugar addiction in to a medical "problem" and it will make it easier.  I have had hints of good things happening to my body on the days that I truly go "sugarless" but I won't speak of those things yet . . . need to get serious about this sugar thing so I can make a true correlation.

Oh and just so you know, finding time to blog is WAY harder than taking the sugar out of my diet.  I am truly afraid to blog on those evenings when I've had a breakdown.  There is really no telling what I would write.  :)  So we are erring on the side of safety since these words go out to the world.

Here's to a very happy and sugarless Monday!

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